In this page you will get all the details to install and configure our SCOREBOARD.



Our script only needs ESX installed, and it can work without any more dependences. This will be the code in server.cfg:

ensure es_extended
ensure nv_Scoreboard


Changing/Adding Lenguages

By default, we have 2 lenguages: English/Spanish. You can add more in Config.Translations and change the lenguage in Config.Locale:

Config.Locale = 'new_lenguage'

Config.Translations = {
    ['en'] = {
        ['no_perms'] = 'You have to be admin to execute this command!',
        ['updated_default'] = 'Updated your scoreboard to the default theme!',
        ['saved_custom'] = 'You saved your custom color theme!',
        ['event_uploaded'] = 'Event uploaded successfully!',
        ['event_removed'] = 'Event removed successfully!',
    ['es'] = {
        ['no_perms'] = '¡Debes de ser admin para usar este comando!',
        ['updated_default'] = '¡Has actualizado al tema predeterminado!',
        ['saved_custom'] = '¡Has guardado tu tema!',
        ['event_uploaded'] = '¡Has subido el evento!',
        ['event_removed'] = '¡Has eliminado el evento!',
    ['new_lenguage'] = {
        ['no_perms'] = '¡Some text in a custom lenguage!',
        ['updated_default'] = '¡Some text in a custom lenguage!',
        ['saved_custom'] = '¡Some text in a custom lenguage!',
        ['event_uploaded'] = '¡Some text in a custom lenguage!',
        ['event_removed'] = '¡Some text in a custom lenguage!',

Changing UI Lenguage

Main Buttons: nv_Scoreboard\nui\index.html LINES 23 --> 26

Configuration Buttons: nv_Scoreboard\nui\index.html LINES 42 --> 76

Changing Notifications

By default this value will use ESX notifications, if you want to change them, you only have to export your custom notification in Config.Notification, here we will leave some examples:

Config.Notification = function(action)
    exports['okokNotify']:Alert("Title", action, 5000, 'type')

Just go into nv_Scoreboard\nui\media and replace logo.png with your server logo.

Adding new Business

At the default state of the script, we pre-configurated 8 business, but If you want to add more business you just have to add more tables in Config.Business, here we will leave some examples:

Config.Business = {
    -- Adding new business
    ['NEW_BUSINESS'] = { -- The image and name of the business
        Job = 'new_business_job_name', -- The job of the business
        Description = 'new_business_description', -- The description of the business
        Status = { -- This is an example. Status1 and following can have a diferent name
            Status1 = {'Variable 1', 'Variable 2', 'Variable 3', 'Variable ...'},
            Status2 = {'Variable 1', 'Variable 2', 'Variable 3', 'Variable ...'},
            Status3 = {'Variable 1', 'Variable 2', 'Variable 3', 'Variable ...'},
            Status4 = {'Variable 1', 'Variable 2', 'Variable 3', 'Variable ...'},
            Status5 = {'Variable 1', 'Variable 2', 'Variable 3', 'Variable ...'},
            Status6 = {'Variable 1', 'Variable 2', 'Variable 3', 'Variable ...'},
            Status7 = {'Variable 1', 'Variable 2', 'Variable 3', 'Variable ...'},
            Status8 = {'Variable 1', 'Variable 2', 'Variable 3', 'Variable ...'},

In-Game Commands

/nv_events_upload [url] [name]

The URL of the image that you are going to post in http/https format or base64 format.

The name that you are going to asign to the url (IMPORTANT).

Giving Command Perms

add_ace identifier.license:user_data "nv_Scoreboard.admin" allow

You have to replace user_data with the admin rockstar identifier

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