We exclusively support qb-core and esx frameworks. While using the script without them is an option, adjustments are required modifying the open-source part of the framework code. If you choose standalone use, please be aware that the Wallet, Music, and Garage apps won't function unless you adapt them accordingly.

Step 1 - Installing dependences

nPhone relies on one essential dependency: oxmysql. Additionally, for the Music app to function properly, it requires a modified version of xsound. Here are the links to these crucial resources:

Step 2 - Setting up api keys

To enable the functionality of images, videos, and audio, it is necessary to configure a Cloud Server for file uploads. Below, you will find the path to the API key:


File uploads can be made throw Fivemanage or Discord, we strongly recommend Fivemanage, which provides for free 10GB (+50000 images) of storage, and images are permanently stored.

To use ChatGPT APP, you will have to set up an OpenAI API Key.

Step 3 - Start order

On the server.cfg, you will have to start the resources in this order:

ensure oxmysql
ensure xsound

ensure frameworkName
ensure inventoryName
ensure voiceSystemName

ensure nPhone

Step 4 - Creating SQL tables

When we have all set, we can start the script and it will automatically create the SQL tables.

If you don't have the latest version of MariaDB it won't work.

If you want to install the SQL manually, you can get the SQL file on: nPhone/config/installation/nPhone.sql

Finishing - Last steps

If you are using the supported frameworks (esx or qbcore), the supported voice systems (pma-voice, mumble-voip or saltychat) and the supported inventory systems (qb-inventory, qs-inventory, ps-inventory, ox_inventory or lj-inventory), your installation has been successfully completed. nPhone will automatically detect the framework you are currently using. If you prefer to employ a custom framework, rest assured that our framework code is open source. This allows you the flexibility to modify and tailor it to suit your specific framework requirements. The file paths are as follows:








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